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March 2010Posted by ben.masters Fri, March 12, 2010 20:00:45
Have finished off the bamboo (not willow!) fixing today, and done a couple of other jobs at the house, anybody who wants to create privacy without cutting off the light too much should try out bamboo screens!! Very natural...and quite simple but effective.

I then went down to uxbridge to fix an old lock, stayed there for a bit (they are friends of ours) flew back to get my new charger!!!! Yes, my trusty steed of a battery charger!

Our Rabbits have been in need of a new home so we have been looking for one. We were kindly offered one, and it is really big and really heavy!!. I managed to get it on the roof of the van (with a small helping hand) and keep it up there until I got it home where I placed it on top of the rabbit run and refelted it!! A castle for the rabbits!!

Been pondering a job change....

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