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Service and Rabbits

March 2010Posted by ben.masters Fri, March 12, 2010 20:00:45
Have finished off the bamboo (not willow!) fixing today, and done a couple of other jobs at the house, anybody who wants to create privacy without cutting off the light too much should try out bamboo screens!! Very natural...and quite simple but effective.

I then went down to uxbridge to fix an old lock, stayed there for a bit (they are friends of ours) flew back to get my new charger!!!! Yes, my trusty steed of a battery charger!

Our Rabbits have been in need of a new home so we have been looking for one. We were kindly offered one, and it is really big and really heavy!!. I managed to get it on the roof of the van (with a small helping hand) and keep it up there until I got it home where I placed it on top of the rabbit run and refelted it!! A castle for the rabbits!!

Been pondering a job change....

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Work for Tomorrow

March 2010Posted by ben.masters Mon, March 08, 2010 20:40:09
Furniture Mover and Willow Fixer thats me!! Repeat custom and work from an agency all in one day!

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February 2010Posted by ben.masters Fri, March 05, 2010 19:53:42
Today was a beautiful day, shining, and warmer than normal. My neighbour needed a Safebox for his van, so I built him one, he has helped us out a lot so I thought to help him too. My charger for my battery drill went cahput the other day, having ordered another one in plenty of time for next week (when I hope to have some sort of work) , it didn't arrive!! so Taylors Tools lent me one of their own until my own comes in, thats good of them.

What to say then...

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Not coming through

February 2010Posted by ben.masters Wed, March 03, 2010 21:11:48

I was hoping to have a contract for 3 months, this has not happened, the recruitment company wasted a lot of time with the paperwork and I think this is what lost me the job.

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Callout to fix Side Door

February 2010Posted by ben.masters Tue, March 02, 2010 19:48:18
Had a text this morning to fix a side door. When I got there it was clear the door had come off it's top hinge, the neither jamb (sides) of the frame were fixed properly. The customer wanted me to repair the door so that it shut, and fix the frame!! The problem with the door coming off it's hinges I think was related to the fact there was no stop on the catch side so that the door was forcing itself off its hinges as it shut too far. I put a stop on to prevent this happening again.

I saw a painter decorator today who is an old friend and it was good to catch up with him.

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Wendy House

February 2010Posted by ben.masters Mon, March 01, 2010 19:50:22
Today, the first of March, I built a wendy house for my beautiful daughter! Amazing that the first day of spring was so bright and sunny, very uplifting!

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Front Doors

February 2010Posted by ben.masters Fri, February 26, 2010 21:10:29

The weather was good today, not a lot of rain, lots of sun, and quite a lot of wind.

Today I fitted a new front door. Fortunately the door frame was the right size so the door didn't need much planing. I used the old door furniture as requested, and also gave the door it's first coat of stain. The door was a Carolina from Howdens, a good quality inexpensive door.

I also cut a work top to size, the previous one had been cleaned with Harpic, much too strong for a work top! Fixed it into position, although I hadn't been asked to do that, thought it would be a nice gesture.

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